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Fast and High Quality Coaster Manufacturing

Promotional coasters are small, usually circular, cardboard, plastic, cork or leather products used to place drinks on. Because logos can be printed with advertisements or other types of branding, they are often used by companies as marketing tools to promote their brands or products.

Production of promotional coasters typically involves several steps:
Design: The first step is to create the design that will be printed on the coaster. This often includes creating artwork and incorporating brand elements (logo, message, etc.) into the design.
Printing: After the design is completed, the coasters are printed using various printing methods such as offset printing or screen printing. The printing process will depend on the number of coasters produced and the desired print quality.
Cutting: After printing, the coasters are cut to the desired size and shape using a cutting machine.
Packaging: Finally, the coasters are packed to be sent to the customer. They can be packed individually or in bulk according to the customer's preference.
Promotional coasters are produced in the fastest way depending on factors such as the size and quantity of the order and the printing method used.


We Care About Quality and Reliability

You can contact us by phone, whatsapp and email to get a price and order. Our customer representatives learn the features of the product you have requested and send your work files to the graphics department. Your products are delivered to your address with fast shipping after the printing stages.

Materials are specially selected according to the type of product to be printed and the area where it will be displayed. While glossy and American bristol are preferred for printed products such as brochures, catalogues, pocket folders, products suitable for the harmful effects of the sun, cold and hot weather changes are selected for outdoor digital printing and signage products. Out of hundreds of design options, the most suitable material option to represent your company is recommended.

The place where the sign will be installed is measured and the signage is produced. After the sign is manufactured, it is attached to its place. If outdoor tarpaulin and poster works are requested, installation service is provided.

The prepress control of your designs is done by our expert graphic designers. It checks the suitability for printing and prepares it for printing. After the approval of the live demo delivered to the customer, production starts.

Your orders are delivered to your address on the promised date, with our shipping vehicles or fast shipping. Your products are delivered on the same day with our delivery vehicles and within 1 business day with Fast Cargo.

After your production experience and quality control, we send your products with fast cargo to cities outside of Istanbul with shipment within Istanbul or with fast cargo. When you receive the tracking numbers given to the cargo, you will receive a message and you can track it.